Similarity Index: Sleep Aids

The Supplement Database contains 40 sleep aids that share at least 75% of their ingredient profiles with other products. This tool allows you to see the relationship sleep aids have with one another, specifically, how similar they are. These products are listed in the table below.

How does it work?

This page shows a list of products with matching products. The threshold for a matching product is sharing 75% of its ingredients with one or more products. The page has a few options to help refine your search. You can limit the products shown to a specific category by clicking on the appropriate link in the product categories section.

If you’d like to find more closely related products than the 75% threshold, select either 90% or 100% from the filter menu. A 90% filter will only show products that have a 90% match with other products. The 100% filter option will only offer products with an exact match to other products.

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Products listed in the table below share at least 75% of their ingredient profile with another product. To only see products that share 90% or 100% of their ingredient profiles, select the appropriate value from the menu below, and click submit.

Note: To only show products that share 100% of their ingredients with another product, select the 100% filter from the drop-down menu below.

Showing Product Types: Sleep Aids

Current filter level: 75%

Supplement Products

Product Name
1. 10-7 Good Night by Hero Fuel
2. AFK by Grind Gaming
3. Alpha Dreams by Alpha Lion
4. Back to Sleep by Nature Made
5. Black Opzzz by Combat Nutra
6. Comatose by Iron Brother Supplements
7. Core Sleep by Proper
8. Core ZZZ by Core Nutritionals
9. Crash Out by RaceGas Supplements
10. Dozer by Axe and Sledge
11. Dream-n-Grow by IronMag Labs
12. Driftoff by Zhou Nutrition
13. G.B.N.T. Sleep by Alpha Elite Performance
14. Good Sleep by Nature Made
15. HealthHit Sleep Formula by HealthHit Supplements
16. Hibernate Sleep Formula by Hibernation Lab
17. Lion Sleep by Leo Supplements
18. Night Shift by Thinline Anthem
19. NYX Sleep Formula by XCD Nutrition
20. Pure Sleep by Ammp Labs
21. Rack OPS by MILLECOR
22. Refuge by Outbreak Nutrition
23. Relax by Amazing Muscle
24. Relax Night by Genext Nutrition
25. Rest Every Muscle (REM) by Run Everything Labs
26. Rest Sleep Formula by Ultimatum X
27. Restful Sleep by Phat Muscle Project
28. Silent Night by Storm Labs
29. Silent Nights by Storm Labs
30. Sleep and Calm by Proper
31. Sleep and Clarity by Proper
32. Sleep and Recover by Nature Made
33. Sleep DNA by Sleep DNA
34. Sleep Longer by Nature Made
35. SleepMode by Evlution Nutrition
36. Stasis Sleep Aid by Eclipse Labz
37. Subject Zero Restoration by Subject Zero
38. Superhuman Sleep by Alpha Lion
39. Sweet Dreamzz by Juiced Upp
40. Xtend P.M. by Xtend