The Supplement Database launched in early 2019 as a way to bring research to the masses. The database uses conclusions from peer-reviewed research articles to rate both ingredients and products. Over the months, the number of ingredients and products included in the database has grown at an impressive rate. The database now has advanced filtering and price comparison/alerting features. The of the database remains to provide easy to understand, unbiased, and resarch-driven ratings for all types of supplements. Read more: Welcome to the Supplement Database.

Database Statistics

The Supplement Database currently rates 226 ingredients in 23 distinct categories on 70 claims. It uses these ratings to grade 1,572 products in 17 unique categories from 430 manufacturers. Ratings are based on information from 979 peer-reviewed studies.

Database Articles

Database Growth

The graph below illustrates the number of products contained in the database over time.

Change Log

Date Change
28 August 2020 The protein supplement comparison tool is out allowing you to create head to head matchups on any of the protein supplements in the database.
27 August 2020 The database now rates protein supplements.
05 July 2020 New version of the Supplement Product Filter. The new version allows you to use eight filters at once to find the perfect product. The old tool only allowed one filter per search.
14 June 2020 Revamped Supplement Product Review pages to make information easier to read.
19 March 2019 Launched Supplement Product Review tool to rate products based on ingredient ratings.
01 February 2019 Supplement Database Launch