Similarity Index: Fat Burning Supplements

The Supplement Database contains 77 fat burning supplements that share at least 75% of their ingredient profiles with other products. This tool allows you to see the relationship fat burning supplements have with one another, specifically, how similar they are. These products are listed in the table below.

How does it work?

This page shows a list of products with matching products. The threshold for a matching product is sharing 75% of its ingredients with one or more products. The page has a few options to help refine your search. You can limit the products shown to a specific category by clicking on the appropriate link in the product categories section.

If you’d like to find more closely related products than the 75% threshold, select either 90% or 100% from the filter menu. A 90% filter will only show products that have a 90% match with other products. The 100% filter option will only offer products with an exact match to other products.

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Note: To only show products that share 100% of their ingredients with another product, select the 100% filter from the drop-down menu below.

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Supplement Products

Product Name
1. Atomic Lean by Atomic Supplements
2. Be Burn by Become Nutrition
3. Best Sellers Blend by No Turning Back Fitness
4. Black Burn Stim-Free by Stacker2 Europe
5. Black Edged Slim by Black Edged
6. Burn Notice by Red H Nutrition
7. Carnigen by Evogen Nutrition
8. Carnigen Natural by Evogen Nutrition
9. Carnigen Plus by Evogen Nutrition
10. Chamber of Hades by Ugly Muscle Nutrition
11. Destroy The Enemy Non-Stim (DTE) Powder by Run Everything Labs
12. Double Time by Axe and Sledge
13. Elite Burn by Nomad Supplements
14. Elite Burn*2 by True Form
15. Elite Shred by Klass Nutrition
16. Evolved Nutrition Fat Burner by Evolved Nutrition
17. Extract by Hazard Labz
18. Fat Stripper by LA Muscle
19. Flasch Burner by Flasch Nutrition
20. Fortuna Burn by Fortuna Nutrition
21. Get Ripped by XXL Nutrition
22. Goril-B by Osyris Nutrition Lab
23. iLEAN by Perfect Sports
24. Incinerator*2 by WoD Nutrition
25. Instant Knock Out by Instant Knock Out
26. Iron Fit Thermal Max by Iron Fit Industries
27. Juiced Upp Shredder by Juiced Upp
28. Keto Ultra by No Turning Back Fitness
29. LA Muscle Sculpt by LA Muscle
30. Laxovar by Centurion Labz
31. LEAN Advanced Fat Loss by Uprise Nutrition
32. Lean-EFX Refined by Formutech Nutrition
33. LeanMode by Evlution Nutrition
34. Legion by Centurion Labz
35. Level II by Formutech Nutrition
36. Level II Powder by Formutech Nutrition
37. Lipocrush by Forzagen
38. LIV Shredded by LIV Body
39. LIV Shredded Stim Free by LIV Body
40. Nano Shred Deluxe by Ryderwear
41. Nano Shred Max by Ryderwear
42. Napalm by Alpha Phlyte Nutrition
43. Napalm Fat Incinerator by Combat Nutra
44. Nuslim by No Turning Back Fitness
45. Obsidian CLA by Dedlift
46. Oxy Burn by Twisted Vortex
47. Oxy Burn Advanced Fat Loss Formula by Black Edged
48. Oxy Burn*2 by Lif3 Nutritionals
49. Oxy Burn*3 by Iyner Life
50. Oxy Burn*4 by RaceGas Supplements
51. Oxy Shred by The W Fitness and Apparel
52. QRP Fat Burner by QRP Nutrition
53. Revex-16 by Scitec Nutrition
54. Rhino Burn Extreme by Muscle Rhino Nutrition
55. Shredex by Scitec Nutrition
56. Shredfierce by Trufierce
57. ShredZilla by Quadzilla Fitness
58. Situation Abs by Brotrition
59. Six Pack Pill by LA Muscle
60. Skinny Jeans by American Made Nutrition
61. Sliced by Apex Sport
62. Snatched by Get Nude Supplements
63. T6 Thermo Blitz by Nuke Nutrition
64. Thermo by A1 Plus
65. Thermo Flux AF by Nutrithority
66. Thermo Heat Nighttime by Advanced Molecular Labs
67. Thermo Lean by Unnaturals Labs
68. Thermogenic Flux by Nutrithority
69. ThermoTech Burn by NUTRITECH
70. ThermoTech Burn8 by NUTRITECH
71. True Burn by True Recovery Supplements
72. Vascular Fat Burner by Vascular Nutrition
73. Viking Burn by Viking Supps
74. Viking Forge by Viking Shark Industries
75. Viking Shred by Viking Shark Industries
76. Volkanic by No Turning Back Fitness
77. XenaLEAN Plus by Elevated Sports Nutrition