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What is the purpose of the Supplement Database?

Every solution starts with a problem. The problem with today's supplement industry is that many, if not most, products marketed to the masses are not based on actual science. They're based on marketing hype and pushed by those who are too smart to use these substandard products. The Supplement Database is an easy way to research supplements in order to make a more educated decision on what is effective for a specific goal.

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How does the database rate supplements?

The Supplement Database rates a supplement's specific claims in two ways: effectiveness and confidence. These two ratings deal with: 1) how well a supplement does what it promises, and, 2) whether there is enough evidence to come to a definite conclusion. Both ratings are on a 3 point scale; 3 being the best, 1 being the worst.

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What is the difference between effectiveness and confidence ratings?

Hundreds of studies exist on every single supplement on the market. The challenge is finding those studies and figuring out whether a supplement is effective for a specific claim. The Supplement Database analyzes those studies and gives you the information you need to come to an educated decision about whether or not a supplement work.

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Supplement Serving Sizes

Studies included in the Supplement Database conduct research on how well a supplement works for a certain claim. These studies use a specific dose when conducting their research. The database now lists those doses and how well the individual doses performed.