The overall rating for beta alanine is 2 out of 3 meaning there is some evidence that this supplement does some (not all) of what it claims. Using this supplement may lead to some improvements.

What is beta-alanine?

Beta-alanine is an amino acid produced in the liver. Beta-alanine has seen a surge in popularity over the last few years. Of all the products contained in the Supplement Database, 36% of them contain beta-alanine, making it the second most popular ingredient behind caffeine. Read More

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  2. Simple Report
  3. Detailed Report
  4. Overall Effectiveness Rating
  5. Research Rating
  6. Products Containing Beta Alanine
  7. Claim Ratings
  8. Dosing
  9. References


Beta Alanine Simple Report

  • Supplement: Beta Alanine
  • Supplement Category: non-essential amino acids
  • Number of Products Containing Beta Alanine: 1434
  • Effectiveness Rating: 2 out of 3
  • Research Rating: 64 (above 80 indicates sufficient research)
  • Number of Studies: 29
  • Number of Claims: 14
  • Effective Dosage Range: 2.4 - 6 grams per day

Beta Alanine Detailed Report

Overall Effectiveness Rating

The overall effectiveness rating for beta alanine is 2 out of 3. This rating means the evidence is mixed on the supplement's ability to deliver positive results. While some of the research supports its use, other evidence does not. Using this supplement may lead to positive results. Note, this effectiveness rating is for beta alanine as a whole; there are also individual ratings for the claims below.

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Research Rating for Beta Alanine

There are 29 studies in the database on beta alanine; the research rating is 64. A score above 80 means the effectiveness rating for this supplement is reliable. A score under 80 means there is insufficient evidence to ensure a reliable effectiveness rating. Note, this research rating is for beta alanine as a whole; there are also individual ratings for the claims below.

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Products Containing Beta Alanine

Products Names Amount of Beta Alanine
AMP-NOX 1.2g
Black Market Pre 1.6g
Pre Workout*3 4g
Launch 3g
Wrecked 2.0 3.5g
Full list of all 1434 products containing Beta Alanine.

Claim Ratings

The overall ratings above are an average of the individual claim ratings below. Individual claims may have higher or lower ratings compared to the supplement's overall rating. For example, some supplements may have excellent backing for one claim, but be completely useless for another. Click on a claim below for more information.

Body Composition (weight, muscle, body fat) Claims Effectiveness Rating Research Rating
decrease body fat
increase muscle mass

Performance Claims Effectiveness Rating Research Rating
improve cycling performance
improve high-intensity interval training (HIIT) performance
improve muscular endurance
improve rowing performance
improve running performance
improve sports performance
improve sprint performance
improve swimming performance
decrease fatigue
increase strength
improve cycling sprint performance

Mental Health Claims Effectiveness Rating Research Rating
improve cognitive ability


The Supplement Database includes 5 studies on beta alanine dosing. These studies indicate an effective dose ranges from 2.4 to 6 grams per day, the average dose being 4.5 grams per day. For a more detailed dosing analysis visit: Supplement Dosing for Beta Alanine.


Title of Study
Beta-alanine (Carnosyn) supplementation in elderly subjects (60-80 years): effects on muscle carnosine content and physical capacity
Beta-Alanine Does Not Enhance the Effects of Resistance Training in Older Adults
Beta-Alanine Supplementation Improved 10-km Running Time Trial in Physically Active Adults
Beta-alanine supplementation improves isometric, but not isotonic or isokinetic strength endurance in recreationally strength-trained young men
Beta-Alanine supplementation increased physical performance and improved executive function following endurance exercise in middle aged individuals
Effect of Beta Alanine and Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation on Repeated-Sprint Performance
Effect of beta-alanine supplementation on 2000-m rowing-ergometer performance
Effect of beta-alanine supplementation on 800-m running performance
Effects of Acute Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Anaerobic Performance in Trained Female Cyclists
Effects of beta-alanine supplementation and high-intensity interval training on endurance performance and body composition in men; a double-blind trial
Effects of beta-alanine supplementation on sprint endurance
Effects of β-Alanine on Body Composition and Performance Measures in Collegiate Women
Effects of β-alanine supplementation during a 5-week strength training program: a randomized, controlled study
Effects of Plyometric Training and Beta-Alanine Supplementation on Maximal-Intensity Exercise and Endurance in Female Soccer Players
Exercise-induced oxidative stress: the effects of β-alanine supplementation in women
High-velocity intermittent running: effects of beta-alanine supplementation
Incremental effects of 28 days of beta-alanine supplementation on high-intensity cycling performance and blood lactate in masters female cyclists
β-Alanine ingestion increases muscle carnosine content and combat specific performance in soldiers
β-Alanine supplementation augments muscle carnosine content and attenuates fatigue during repeated isokinetic contraction bouts in trained sprinters
β-alanine supplementation improves isometric endurance of the knee extensor muscles
β-alanine supplementation improves tactical performance but not cognitive function in combat soldiers
β-Alanine supplementation reduces acidosis but not oxygen uptake response during high-intensity cycling exercise
Oral nutritional supplement fortified with beta-alanine improves physical working capacity in older adults: a randomized, placebo-controlled study
Short-duration beta-alanine supplementation increases training volume and reduces subjective feelings of fatigue in college football players
The effect of beta-alanine supplementation on isokinetic force and cycling performance in highly trained cyclists
The effect of beta-alanine supplementation on neuromuscular fatigue in elderly (55-92 Years): a double-blind randomized study
The effect of beta-alanine supplementation on power performance during repeated sprint activity
The effects of 10 weeks of resistance training combined with beta-alanine supplementation on whole body strength, force production, muscular endurance and body composition
The Effects of Beta-Alanine and Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation on Anaerobic Performance in Trained Males