The overall rating for sodium is 1.9 out of 3 meaning there is some evidence that this supplement does some (not all) of what it claims. Using this supplement may lead to some improvements.

Table of Contents

  1. Simple Report
  2. Detailed Report
  3. Overall Effectiveness Rating
  4. Research Rating
  5. Products Containing Sodium
  6. Claim Ratings
  7. References

Sodium Simple Report

  • Supplement: Sodium
  • Supplement Category: electrolytes
  • Number of Products Containing Sodium: 958
  • Effectiveness Rating: 1.9 out of 3
  • Research Rating: 64 (above 80 indicates sufficient research)
  • Number of Studies: 27
  • Number of Claims: 9

Sodium Detailed Report

Overall Effectiveness Rating

The overall effectiveness rating for sodium is 1.9 out of 3. This rating means the evidence is mixed on the supplement's ability to deliver positive results. While some of the research supports its use, other evidence does not. Using this supplement may lead to positive results. Note, this effectiveness rating is for sodium as a whole; there are also individual ratings for the claims below.

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Research Rating for Sodium

There are 27 studies in the database on sodium; the research rating is 64. A score above 80 means the effectiveness rating for this supplement is reliable. A score under 80 means there is insufficient evidence to ensure a reliable effectiveness rating. Note, this research rating is for sodium as a whole; there are also individual ratings for the claims below.

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Products Containing Sodium

Products Names Amount of Sodium
EAA and BCAA Complete 60mg
Ash 200mg
Pumptropic 30mg
Christophers Secret Stuff 100mg
Nuclear Armageddon 17mg
Full list of all 958 products containing Sodium.

Claim Ratings

The overall ratings above are an average of the individual claim ratings below. Individual claims may have higher or lower ratings compared to the supplement's overall rating. For example, some supplements may have excellent backing for one claim, but be completely useless for another. Click on a claim below for more information.

Performance Claims Effectiveness Rating Research Rating
improve cycling performance
improve muscular endurance
improve running performance
improve sports performance
improve sprint performance
improve swimming performance
decrease fatigue
improve cycling sprint performance

Recovery Claims Effectiveness Rating Research Rating
improve recovery


Title of Study
Acute versus chronic supplementation of sodium citrate on 200 m performance in adolescent swimmers
Chronic Ingestion of Sodium and Potassium Bicarbonate, with Potassium, Magnesium and Calcium Citrate Improves Anaerobic Performance in Elite Soccer Players
Dietary sodium citrate supplementation does not improve upper-body anaerobic performance in trained wrestlers in simulated competition-day conditions
Dietary sodium citrate supplementation enhances rehydration and recovery from rapid body mass loss in trained wrestlers
Effect of Beta Alanine and Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation on Repeated-Sprint Performance
Effect of ingested sodium bicarbonate on muscle force, fatigue, and recovery
Effect of repeated sodium phosphate loading on cycling time-trial performance and VO2peak
Effect of sodium bicarbonate on muscle metabolism during intense endurance cycling
Effect of sodium bicarbonate on prolonged running performance: A randomized, double-blind, cross-over study
Effect of sodium phosphate supplementation on repeated high-intensity cycling efforts
Effects of Sodium Bicarbonate on High-Intensity Endurance Performance in Cyclists: A Double-Blind, Randomized Cross-Over Trial
Effects of sodium citrate ingestion before exercise on endurance performance in well trained college runners
Effects of sodium phosphate and caffeine loading on repeated-sprint ability
Impact of acute sodium citrate ingestion on endurance running performance in a warm environment
Impact of sodium citrate ingestion during recovery after dehydrating exercise on rehydration and subsequent 40-km cycling time-trial performance in the heat
Increased blood pH but not performance with sodium bicarbonate supplementation in elite rugby union players
Ingestion of sodium plus water improves cardiovascular function and performance during dehydrating cycling in the heat
Sodium bicarbonate can be used as an ergogenic aid in high-intensity, competitive cycle ergometry of 1 h duration
Sodium Bicarbonate Ingestion and Repeated Swim Sprint Performance
Sodium bicarbonate supplementation improved MAOD but is not correlated with 200- and 400-m running performances: a double-blind, crossover, and placebo-controlled study
Sodium phosphate supplementation and time trial performance in female cyclists
The effect of sodium bicarbonate ingestion on back squat and bench press exercise to failure
The effect of sodium bicarbonate ingestion on high-intensity intermittent running and subsequent performance
The Effects of Beta-Alanine and Sodium Bicarbonate Supplementation on Anaerobic Performance in Trained Males
The Effects of Novel Ingestion of Sodium Bicarbonate on Repeated Sprint Ability
The Effects of Sodium Citrate Ingestion on Metabolism and 1500-m Racing Time in Trained Female Runners
The Effects of Sodium Phosphate Supplementation on Physiological Responses to Submaximal Exercise and 20 km Cycling Time-Trial Performance