The overall rating for melatonin is 2.1 out of 3 meaning there is some evidence that this supplement does some (not all) of what it claims. Using this supplement may lead to some improvements.

Table of Contents

  1. Simple Report
  2. Detailed Report
  3. Overall Effectiveness Rating
  4. Research Rating
  5. Products Containing Melatonin
  6. Claim Ratings
  7. References

Melatonin Simple Report

  • Supplement: Melatonin
  • Supplement Category: hormones
  • Number of Products Containing Melatonin: 151
  • Effectiveness Rating: 2.1 out of 3
  • Research Rating: 47 (above 80 indicates sufficient research)
  • Number of Studies: 14
  • Number of Claims: 9

Melatonin Detailed Report

Overall Effectiveness Rating

The overall effectiveness rating for melatonin is 2.1 out of 3. This rating means the evidence is mixed on the supplement's ability to deliver positive results. While some of the research supports its use, other evidence does not. Using this supplement may lead to positive results. Note, this effectiveness rating is for melatonin as a whole; there are also individual ratings for the claims below.

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Research Rating for Melatonin

There are 14 studies in the database on melatonin; the research rating is 47. A score above 80 means the effectiveness rating for this supplement is reliable. A score under 80 means there is insufficient evidence to ensure a reliable effectiveness rating. Note, this research rating is for melatonin as a whole; there are also individual ratings for the claims below.

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Products Containing Melatonin

Products Names Amount of Melatonin
Night Burn Amount not listed.
Modern Man PM 5mg
Dream Chaser 3mg
Slumber 10mg
Social PM Burn 5mg
Full list of all 151 products containing Melatonin.

Claim Ratings

The overall ratings above are an average of the individual claim ratings below. Individual claims may have higher or lower ratings compared to the supplement's overall rating. For example, some supplements may have excellent backing for one claim, but be completely useless for another. Click on a claim below for more information.

Performance Claims Effectiveness Rating Research Rating
improve sports performance
increase strength

Hormone Function Claims Effectiveness Rating Research Rating
increase levels of growth hormone
increase testosterone
decrease levels of somatostatin (growth hormone inhibiting hormone)

Mental Health Claims Effectiveness Rating Research Rating
improve cognitive ability

General Health Claims Effectiveness Rating Research Rating
increase bone density
increase total sleep time
improve sleep quality


Title of Study
Effects of a diet integration with an oily emulsion of DHA-phospholipids containing melatonin and tryptophan in elderly patients suffering from mild cognitive impairment
Effects of a single dose of N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine (Melatonin) and resistance exercise on the growth hormone/IGF-1 axis in young males and females
Effects of resistance exercise session after oral ingestion of melatonin on physiological and performance responses of adult men
Exercise-induced GH secretion is enhanced by the oral ingestion of melatonin in healthy adult male subjects
Melatonin administration and pituitary hormone secretion
Melatonin for sleep in children with autism: a controlled trial examining dose, tolerability, and outcomes
Melatonin for sleep problems in children with neurodevelopmental disorders: randomised double masked placebo controlled trial
Melatonin osteoporosis prevention study (MOPS): a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled study examining the effects of melatonin on bone health and quality of life in perimenopausal women
Melatonin stimulates growth hormone secretion through pathways other than the growth hormone-releasing hormone
Melatonin Supplementation for Children With Atopic Dermatitis and Sleep Disturbance
Melatonin treatment in individuals with intellectual disability and chronic insomnia: a randomized placebo-controlled study
Repeated Melatonin Supplementation Improves Sleep in Hypertensive Patients Treated with Beta-Blockers: A Randomized Controlled Trial
The effect of melatonin administration on pituitary hormone secretion in man
The use of Melatonin in children with neurodevelopmental disorders and impaired sleep: a randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled, parallel study (MENDS)