Of the 2,569 products in the database, 52 contain dandelion extract. All products containing dandelion extract are listed below. To narrow the list, select a product category below.

Quick Facts: Dandelion Extract

  • Supplement: Dandelion Extract
  • Supplement Category: plant and food extracts
  • Number of Products Containing Dandelion Extract: 52
  • Effectiveness Rating: 3 out of 3
  • Research Rating: 20 (above 80 indicates sufficient research)
  • Number of Studies: 1
  • Number of Claims: 1
  • Full Report: Dandelion Extract

Product Categories

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Product Name Amount
2Shredded Capsules by Beast Sports Nutrition Not Listed.
2Shredded Powder by Beast Sports Nutrition Not Listed.
3MB3R by Inspired Nutraceuticals 250mg
AMN Weight Loss by American Made Nutrition 200mg
Acid Rain Fat Burner Capsules by Apocalypse Labz Not Listed.
Acid Rain Fat Burner Powder by Apocalypse Labz Not Listed.
Alpha Shredder by Alpha Lion 200mg
Be Burn by Become Nutrition 50mg
Be Lean by Become Nutrition 220mg
Be Lean Powder by Become Nutrition 200mg
Beyond Lean by Pure Cut Supplements 100mg
Burn-HD by HD Muscle 150mg
CLA and Carnitine Shredded by BPI Sports 25mg
Caliente Stim-Free Fat Burner by ASC Supplements 250mg
Chaos by Apollon Nutrition 300mg
Cheetah Burn Stim-Free by Alpha Lion 100mg
Deficit by Faction Labs 100mg
Destroy The Enemy (DTE) Capsules by Run Everything Labs 200mg
Destroy The Enemy (DTE) Powder by Run Everything Labs 50mg
Destroy The Enemy Non-Stim (DTE) Powder by Run Everything Labs 50mg
Diva Burn by Pureline Nutrition Not Listed.
Down Size Black by Down Size Black Not Listed.
Fyred by Axe and Sledge 100mg
Heat Hardcore by Bucked Up 100mg
Hurakan by Primeval Labs Not Listed.
Incinerator X-Rated by Fireball Labz 500mg
Infernocore by Phil Heath Labs 200mg
Inhibit by Alchemy Labs 200mg
Iron Fit Thermal Max by Iron Fit Industries 150mg
Jungle Burner by 7 Nutrition 20mg
LC20 Lean Cuts by NG Nutra 200mg
Lean Juice by Betancourt Nutrition 250mg
Make Her Lean MAX by 1UP Nutrition 200mg
Morphoburn by Morphogen Nutrition 300mg
Natural EFX by Formutech Nutrition 168mg
Nite Burn by BPI Sports Not Listed.
Obsidian by Dedlift 100mg
Pure Shred by Pure Cut Supplements 100mg
Ripped Fast by Universal Nutrition Not Listed.
S.W.E.T. by Betancourt Nutrition 25mg
Shred Black by American Made Nutrition 150mg
Sliced by Apex Sport 200mg
Steel Slim by SteelFit 200mg
SuperHD by Cellucor Not Listed.
TB16 Thermal Burn by NG Nutra 50mg
Thermite by Nutrithority 100mg
Thermo Fuel Prime by LabTech Nutraceuticals 15mg
Thermoburn by Onest Health 200mg
Thermonade by Stance Supplements Not Listed.
VBurn by Vegun Nutrition 200mg
Virtue by Legendary Labs Not Listed.
XenaLEAN Plus by Elevated Sports Nutrition 200mg