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Product Name Amount
Alpha Hardcore Pre Workout by DL Labs 1.37g
Assassin Lionheart by Apollon Nutrition 2g
ConDense by Purus Labs 250mg
Core Pump by Core Nutritionals 2.5g
Daily Pump by Arms Race Nutrition 1.25g
Daily Pump 2nd Edition by Arms Race Nutrition 2.5g
Endo-Pump by Bare Performance Nutrition 1.5g
Full Metal Jacket by Merica Labz 2g
GX Pre-Workout by Granite Supplements 3.18g
KAIO by Klout Pwr 1g
MFX N.O. by Muscle Feast 2.5g
MFX Pre by Muscle Feast 2.5g
NOXygen (powder) by Purus Labs Not Listed
Nitraflex Black by GAT Sport Not Listed
OB Mix by Ekkovision 1g
Optismal by Ekkovision 1.5g
Outlift Concentrate by Nutrex Research 300mg
Outsized V3 by Like A Pro Supplements 2g
Plasm Caps by Glaxon 1.025g
Pre JYM X by JYM Supplement Science 1g
Pre-Workout*14 by HTLT Supplements 1g
Pump Daddy by Ryse 750mg
Pump Daddy v2 by Ryse 1g
Pump Kap by Klout Pwr 1g
Pump N Grind by Pump Chasers 1.5g
Pump Powder*2 by Ryse 500mg
PumpMode by Evlution Nutrition 1g
PumpMode (capsules) by Evlution Nutrition 1g
Riot by Impact Sports Nutrition 250mg
Ruckus by MTS Nutrition 1.5g
SunnyD by Ryse 1g
Test X180 Alpha v2 by Force Factor Not Listed
Test X180 Ignite v2 by Force Factor Not Listed
Test X180 v2 by Force Factor Not Listed
Total War Black Ops by REDCON1 1g
Unbent by Unbound Supplements 1.5g