The Supplement Database contains 15 REDCON1 products in 8 categories. Out of 2,696 total products, REDCON1's 15 products earned an average ranking of 947, putting the company in the middle third of all products. The manufacturer's products are listed below from best to worst ranked within its product lineup.

Quick Facts: REDCON1

  • Types of Products: Intra-Workout Supplements, Protein Supplements, Pump Supplements, Post-Workout Supplements, Testosterone Boosters, Pre-Workout Supplements, Cognitive Enhancement Supplements, Gaming Supplements
  • Average Effectiveness Rating of Products: 2.14 out of 3.00 (moderately effective)
  • Average Research Rating of Products: 35.99
  • Average Transparency Rating of Products: 84.67% out of 100% (does not disclose all ingredient amounts across product lineup)
  • Average Ranking of Products: 947 out of 2,696 (middle third of all products)
  • Homepage: REDCON1
  • Social Media:

Supplement Products

Rank Product Name Product Category
1Cluster Bomb Intra-Workout Supplements
2Ration Protein Supplements
3ISOTOPE Protein Supplements
4Big Noise Pump Supplements
5Breach Intra-Workout Supplements
6Tango Post-Workout Supplements
7BOOM Stick - Testosterone Support Testosterone Boosters
8MRE Lite Protein Supplements
9Total War Pre-Workout Supplements
10Grunt EAAs Intra-Workout Supplements
11Mental Trigger - Focus Formula Cognitive Enhancement Supplements
12War Games Gaming Supplements
13Green Beret Protein Supplements
14MOAB - Muscle Builder Post-Workout Supplements
1511 Bravo - Muscle Builder Post-Workout Supplements