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There are currently 13 products in The Supplement Database manufactured by Insane Labz; they are listed in the table below. Here are a few quick facts about the Insane Labz product line:

  • Average Rating: 1.91 out of 3 (moderately effective)
  • Average Ranking: 1084 out of 1458 (bottom third of all products)
  • Type of Products: pump supplements, post-workout supplements, and pre-workout supplements
  • Manufacturer Website: Insane Labz
Product Name Product Category
Quantum Growth Post-Workout Supplements
Insane Amino Hellboy Edition Post-Workout Supplements
Pennywise Pre-Workout Supplements
Psychotic Pre-Workout Supplements
Possessed Pre-Workout Supplements
Redrum Pre-Workout Supplements
Strain Pre-Workout Supplements
Psychotic Hellboy Edition Pre-Workout Supplements
Psychotic Gold Pre-Workout Supplements
I Am God Pre-Workout Supplements
Unicorn Energy Pre-Workout Supplements
Insane Veinz Gold Pump Supplements
Insane Veinz Pump Supplements

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This filter allows you to search for a product with a minimum serving size. Product serving sizes are typically measured in grams; comparing them against each other allows you to gauge which products may be under-dosed.

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Nutrition Label Transparency

This filter allows you to search for products with a minimum nutrition label transparency score; the percentage representing how many of a product's ingredients are listed with amounts. Often, manufacturers hide ingredient amounts under the guise of effective sounding proprietary blends. This makes it difficult to know what a product is actually made of.

This filter allows you to search for products offering only complete transparency by entering 100 into the search box.

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This filter allows you to search for supplement products containing certain ingredients. This tool is useful in finding products with a specific mix of ingredients. The number of results decrease as you select more ingredients.

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Product Claims

This filter allows you to search for products capable of certain goals such as decreasing body fat, increasing strength, or improving running performance. A product's proven claims are based on the individual ingredients found in that product. The number of results decrease as you select more claims.

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Filter by Nutrition Label Transparency

Manufacturers save money by creating proprietary blends which have no practical benefits. They load products with high amounts of cheap ingredients to obscure how little of the more expensive ingredients are included. Proprietary blends with effective sounding names such as "Muscle Anabolic Growth Matrix" or "Fat Burning Accellerant" that hide ingredient amounts are tell-tale signs the manufacturer is using decieving tactics.

A nutrition label transparency score is the percentage of ingreients listed with their cooresponding quantity. A score of 100 means every ingredient is listed with an amount. A score of 0 means none of the ingredients contain amounts. Search by entering a minimum score below. The results show all products with a nutrition label transparency score greater or equal to the number you enter.

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Body Composition (weight, muscle, body fat) Claims
Cardiovascular Health Claims
Digestive Health Claims
Energy Balance (calories in & calories out) Claims
General Health Claims
Hormone Function Claims
Immune Health Claims
Mental Health Claims
Performance Claims
Protein Synthesis Claims
Recovery Claims

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Manufacturer Number of Products
1 Mission Nutrition 8
1st Phorm 5
1UP Nutrition 3
4Gauge 1
5 Percent Nutrition 13
619 Labs 2
Acropolis Nutrition 2
Action Nutrition 2
Adapt Nutrition 3
Advanced 1
Advanced Molecular Labs 10
AI Wellness 2
Alani Nu 7
Alchemy Labs 3
Allegiance Supplements 1
AllMax Nutrition 8
Alpha Breed 2
Alpha Elite Performance 1
Alpha Lion 7
Alpha Prime 1
Alpha Tech Performance 1
Alpha Theory Supplements 3
Alpha Wolf Nutrition 2
Amazon 3
American Operator Supplements 3
Amino Depot 1
Amino Vital 6
Ammp Labs 3
Anabolic Warfare 8
Anarchy Beverage Company 1
Animal 8
ANS Performance 7
AO Nutrition 8
AP Sports Regimen 1
Apex Sport 3
Apocalypse Labz 7
Apollon Nutrition 11
Archetype Nutrition 2
Arms Race Nutrition 4
ASC Supplements 5
Ath Organics 2
Athlean-X 4
Athletic Transcendent Labs 1
Atlas Supp Co 2
Axe and Sledge 8
Barbell Medicine 2
Bare Performance Nutrition 5
Beast Sports Nutrition 12
Become Nutrition 5
Berserker 1
Betancourt Nutrition 2
Beyond Raw 5
Bio Corp 3
Bio Tech Nutra 8
Bionic Nutrition 1
Black Market 3
Blackstone Labs 5
Bleu Nutrition 1
Blood Sweat Tears 1
Bloom Nutrition 2
Blue Ribbon Nutrition 2
Blue Shield Nutrition 4
BMF Nutrition 1
Body Spartan 3 5
BodyHealth 3
Bodylab 1
BPI Sports 4
Brain Forza 2
Brain Gains 3
Braintain 1
Brand X 3
Bravo Actual 2
Bro Science Life 1
Bucked Up 14
Buff Juice 2
Build Fast Formula 3
Built to Rise Supplements 1
Cellucor 15
Chaos Crew 6
Citadel Nutrition 2
Clean Machine 1
CNS Supplements 1
Cobra Labs 1
Cognetics 1
Combat Fuel 2
Committed 2
Condemned Labz 5
Controlled Labs 1
Core Active 1
Core Nutritionals 6
Cosmic Industries 2
Crazy Muscle Labz 1
Creed Supplements 2
CTD Sports 4
CTG Formulations 2
Cutler Nutrition 5
Cytodyne 1
D-Fit Nutrition 1
D20 1
Dadderall 1
Dark Energy 1
Darkside Supps 2
De Novo Nutrition 3
Dedlift 4
Define Nutrition 3
Destiny Formulations 1
Different Breed Nutrition 1
DNM Nutra 4
Down Range Supplements 2
Down Size Black 1
Dragon Pharma Labs 8
Driven Nutrition 7
DY Nutrition 2
Dymatize 2
Dynamik Muscle 3
Dynamism Labs 1
EC Sports Supplements 3
Edge Fitness Performance 5
eFlow Nutrition 4
Elevated Sports Nutrition 2
EliteBuild1 1
Endurosport 1
EON Athletics 1
Equate 1
Eternal Nutrition 1
Euphoria Supplements 1
Evertrain 2
Evils Bane Labs 1
Evlution Nutrition 11
Expect Greatness Supplements 2
Faction Labs 3
Fakt Nutrition 1
Fire Science Nutrition 4
Fit Strong Supplements 3
FitFormula Wellness 1
FitMiss 1
Flexx Sports Nutrition 3
Forge Supplements 4
Fortini Labz 2
Forzagen 4
Freak Farm Fitness 1
Freedom Formulations 1
Fuel Up Hydration 2
Full Metal Labs 3
Furious Formulations 4
Fusion Sports Performance 3
G Code Nutrition 3
Gain Busters 2
Game Time Supplements 3
Gamer Goat 2
Gamer Supps 2
Gaspari Nutrition 5
GAT Sport 21
Get Strong AF 2
Ghost 1
Glaxon 13
Global Formulas 6
Go Condition 1
God Supplements 2
Golden Era Nutrition 5
Goli Nitrution 1
Goob-U Nutrition 1
Gorilla Mind 3
Gorillalpha 1
Granite Supplements 5
GymBeam 1
Gymp Nutrition 2
Hardbody Supplements 4
Havok Supplements 2
HD Muscle 4
HeathyGen 1
Hibernation Lab 1
High T 2
Honey Badger 1
Horizen 1
Hosstile 4
Huge Supplements 6
Human Project 3
Hypd Supps 4
Immortal Apparel 1
Immuneti 1
Impel Nutrition 2
Imperial Nutrition 2
Inno Supps 5
InnovaPharm 5
Insane Labz 13
Inspired Nutraceuticals 6
Instant Knock Out 1
Iron Brother Supplements 9
Iron Fit Industries 4
Iron Nitrix Nutrition 1
IronMag Labs 3
iSatori 4
Jacked Factory 9
JNX Sports 3
Juggernaut Nutrition 5
JuJu 1
Justice Nutrition 4
JYM Supplement Science 7
Kaged Muscle 6
KetoGenics 4
Killer Labz 3
Kilo Labs 4
Knockout Supplements 1
LabTech Nutraceuticals 4
Lanofie 1
Legion Athletics 3
LFTD Lifestyle 1
Liberty Labz 5
Limitless Grind Nutrition 3
LionBlast 1
Longhorn Supplements 2
MagNak 1
Magnum Nutraceuticals 1
Man Sports 5
Max Muscle Nutrition 7
Maximum Human Performance 4
Mdrive 4
MDRN Athlete 3
Mental Mojo 2
Merica Labz 3
Metabolic Nutrition 2
Metcon 4
Method Performance Supplements 1
Modern Sports Nutrition 1
Morning Master 1
Morphogen Nutrition 14
MPA Supps 1
MPL Nutrition 6
Mr Alpha 4
Mr. Sleep 1
MRI Performance 2
MRM Nutrition 2
Muscle Beach 2
Muscle Feast 7
Muscle Maxx 2
Muscle Militia 8
Muscle Pirate 1
Muscle Sport 2
MusclePharm 5
MuscleTech 37
MyoBlox 2
Myoprynt 1
Myth Labs 3
Naked Nutrition 1
Naughty Boy Lifestyle 2
NCN Supps 2
NeoGen Nutrition 1
New Dimension Supplement Club 1
Nexx Gen Supps 2
NF Sports 2
Nfitmous 1
NG Nutra 13
NLA for Her 2
No Turning Back Fitness 7
Nomad Supplements 2
Noocor 1
Norsepower Supplements 2
Nova Thr3e Labs 3
NTel Nutra 5
Nugenix 6
Nuke Nutrition 2
Nustait 1
NutraBio 3
Nutrex Research 7
Nutrifitt 4
Nutrithority 9
Nuun 1
Obsessed Nutrition 6
Old School Labs 10
Olive Drab Performance 1
Olympus Lyfestyle 3
One Vision Labs 1
Onnor 3
Optimum EFX 4
Optimum Nutrition 3
Origin Labs 7
Orphic Nutrition 1
Oshi Lifestyle 1
Osprey Nutrition 1
Osyris Nutrition Lab 8
OuroVitae 1
Outbreak Nutrition 3
Outten Fit Nutrition 8
P10 Performance 2
P4P Muscle 1
Papa Supplements 1
Patriot Sports Nutrition 2
Peak Performance Labs 3
Perfect Sports 5
Performance Fuel and Nutrition 2
Performance Inspired 1
Performance Science Research 1
Performax Labs 5
Performix 1
PEScience 2
Pharmanaut Labs 2
Phat Muscle Project 4
Phil Heath Labs 3
PNP Supplements 1
Power Cap Labs 2
PR-Breaker 2
Primal Muscle 3
Primeval Labs 7
Pro Nutrition and Fitness 2
Pro Supps 10
Proceller8 2
Procera 3
Project AD 8
Project Avalon 2
Proven 4 2
Psycho Pharma 5
Pure Cane 1
Pure Cut Supplements 7
Pure Vita Labs 2
Pureline Nutrition 7
Purge Sports 5
Pyre Gamer 2
Quadzilla Fitness 3
Quincy-Bioscience 1
R3P Life 2
Rabid Labs 2
RARI Nutrition 3
Raw Nutrition 5
Razorwire Energy 1
Real Deal 1
Red H Nutrition 6
Relentless Labz 5
Repp Sports 3
Res Energy 1
Rethink Nutrition 3
Revup Nutrition 4
Rise Performance 4
Rising Labs 7
Rogue Energy 1
RSP Nutrition 6
Ruck Nutrition 2
Rugged Supplements 1
Rule 1 8
Run Everything Labs 9
Ryderwear 3
Ryno Power 3
Ryse 5
S3Labs 1
Salute Supplements 2
Sapper Nutrition 2
Sawdog Fitness 2
Seva Soul 1
Shook Supplements 2
Sinn or Saint 2
Six Star Pro Nutrition 2
Sneak 1
SoAlpha 1
Species Nutrition 5
Spore Nutrition 1
Stance Supplements 5
Staunch Nation 6
Steel Supplements 10
SteelFit 7
Still Royal Nutrition 1
Storm Labs 3
Strength 2
STRYV Performance 4
Subject Zero 2
Svelte 1
Tasty Nutrition 2
TB12 5
Team Muscle Force 5
Tennessee Pre 1
The Genius Brand 10
The Nutrition Store 1
Thinline Anthem 2
TinFold 2
Titan Fuel Supplements 1
Todd Lee MD 2
Tokkyo Nutrition 1
Transform HQ 1
Transparent Labs 7
Trucell Supplements 2
True Results Supplements 1
Truth Sports 1
TW Nutrition 2
Twisted Vortex 4
Ugly Labz 1
Ultimate Sports Nutrition 7
Universal Nutrition 19
Untamed Labs 1
Uprise Nutrition 5
UV Supplements 1
UXO Supplements 5
Vade Nutrition 1
Valhalla Labs 6
Valor Labz 1
Vascular Nutrition 2
Vaxxen Labs 3
Vegun Nutrition 5
VFit Protocol 1
Vibe Fit Energy 1
Viking Supps 8
Vital Proteins 1
Vitalgenix Nutrition 1
Vitamin King 1
Vitamonk 1
VMI Sports Nutrition 3
VNDL Project 1
Warrior Fuel 2
Warrior Serum Supplements 3
Whoop Ass 1
Wild Card Supplements 1
Wild Research 4
Workhorse Fitness 2
Worldwide Nutrition 1
X Labs 1
Xendurance 3
Xtend 11
Xwerks 2
Zeus Juice 1