When testing the effectiveness of supplements, researchers use specific doses to gauge whether or not an ingredient is effective or ineffective. The Supplement Database includes 1 studies on naringin dosing. These studies indicate an effective dose is 400 milligrams per day.

A single study typically tests a specific dose of a supplement against a number of claims. Studies generally come to one of three conclusions: 1) the supplement was extremely effective, 2) the supplement was moderately effective, 3) the supplement was ineffective. The only doses listed on this page are ones which studies found either moderately or extremely effective. Ineffective doses are not shown.

Table of Contents

  1. Simple Dosing Report
  2. Products Containing Naringin
  3. Detailed Dosing Report

Simple Dosing Report

The table below lists the effective dose ranges for the claim listed. Click on the claim for more information on how well the supplement works for the specific activity. The detailed report, at the bottom of this page, includes more in-depth dosing data.

Claim Dosage
Overall Dose Range (all claims) 400 milligrams per day
lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels 400 milligrams per day
lower total cholesterol levels 400 milligrams per day

Products Containing Naringin

The following table lists a few of the supplement products from the database which contain naringin. For a complete listing, follow the link at the bottom of the table.

Product Name Amount of Naringin
Wrath of the Valkyrie 400mg
Super Bio Freak OMG Amount not listed.
3CC 10mg
T2 Rise Non Stim 15mg
Black Widow*2 30mg

See the full list of products containing naringin.

Detailed Dosing Report

The detailed dosing report breaks down how each study rated a specific dose. Additionally, this report also provides daily frequency of a dose.

Note: sometimes, studies may find smaller doses are more effective than larger ones. Rather than focusing on specific numbers, look at the range of effective doses when evaluating how much of a supplement you should take.

The first column (dosage) is the amount of the supplement taken per sitting. The next column (frequency) is the number of times the dosage was taken each day. The third column (daily total) is dosage multiplied by frequency. The final column (effectiveness) is how well that dose worked for the specific claim. Click the icon in the reference column to read the study.

Click the icon in the first column to read the reference study of the dosing information.

This icon is shown next to a dose based on bodyweight. The default bodyweight is 150 pounds. Use the form below to base these doses on a new bodyweight.

Lower LDL (bad) Cholesterol Levels

Dosage Frequency Daily Total Effectiveness
400mg once daily 400mg

Lower Total Cholesterol Levels

Dosage Frequency Daily Total Effectiveness
400mg once daily 400mg