Shook BCAAs by Shook Supplements, a post-workout supplement, shares at least 75% of its ingredient profile with 20 other supplement products.

The Similarity Index is a percentage describing how closely the two products' ingredient profiles are. A similarity index of 100% means they are made up of the same ingredients. A similarity index of 75% means they share 75% of the same ingredients. Click on a product below to see a side by side ingredient comparison.

  • Number of Products Shook BCAAs shares 100% of its ingredient profile with: 17
  • Number of Products Shook BCAAs shares 90-99% of its ingredient profile with: 0
  • Number of Products Shook BCAAs shares 75-89% of its ingredient profile with: 3

Matching Supplement Products

Matching Product Name Product Type Similarity Index
1. 1Fuel by 1 Mission Nutrition Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
2. Athelete Aminos 2 by TeamKattouf Nutrition Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
3. Battle Buddy by Combat Nutra Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
4. BCAA Blast by UXO Supplements Intra-Workout Supplements 100.00%
5. BCAA Shock Powder*4 by Fortuna Nutrition Intra-Workout Supplements 100.00%
6. Clap Back by Get Nude Supplements Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
7. Driven Nutrition Amino by Driven Nutrition Intra-Workout Supplements 100.00%
8. Go Juice by Red H Nutrition Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
9. Havok Recovery by Havok Supplements Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
10. Intra Energy BCAAs by Enhanced Performance Nutrition Intra-Workout Supplements 100.00%
11. Mad Hatter by Terror Labz Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
12. Ripped Built BCAAs by Ripped Nation Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
13. STRYV BCAA by STRYV Performance Intra-Workout Supplements 100.00%
14. Valhalla BCAA by Viking Supps Intra-Workout Supplements 100.00%
15. Uprise Nutrition BCAA Blast by Uprise Nutrition Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
16. Viking Shield by Viking Shark Industries Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
17. Situation BCAA by Brotrition Post-Workout Supplements 100.00%
18. Acid Rain by AO Nutrition Intra-Workout Supplements 75.00%
19. Alani Nu BCAA by Alani Nu Post-Workout Supplements 75.00%
20. True Recovery by Elite Labs USA Post-Workout Supplements 75.00%