Locked Down At a Glance

Locked Down is a intra-workout supplement manufactured by Condemned Labz. Its overall effectiveness rating is a 2.30 out of 3 meaning that some, but not all, of the ingredients in this product have evidence of providing positive results. This product is a mix of high and low quality ingredients that should lead to some benefits.

  • Product Name: Locked Down
  • Manufacturer: Condemned Labz
  • Supplement Category: Intra-Workout Supplements
  • Ranking within all Supplements: 15 out of 400 (top third of all products)
  • Ranking within Intra-Workout Supplements: 4 out of 29 (top third within category)
  • Number of Ingredients: 3
  • Effectiveness Rating: 2.30 out of 3
  • Amount of Research Rating: 76.000 (above 60 indicates sufficient research)
  • Nutrition Label Transparency Score: 100%
  • Serving Size: 1 scoop (10.400g)

Locked Down Overview

Effectiveness Rating: Locked Down contains 3 ingredients. Out of those, 3 are included in The Supplement Database. Their effectiveness ratings have been combined to give an overall effectiveness rating for the entire product. Locked Down's overall effectiveness rating is a 2.30 out of 3.

This rating means that some, but not all, of the ingredients in this product have evidence of providing positive results. This product is a mix of high and low quality ingredients that should lead to some positive results.

Amount of Research Rating: This rating is a measure of how much research has been conducted on a product's ingredient lineup. A product can have a very high effectiveness rating but have a very low amount of research to back up that high rating.

Ideally, you should find products that only include ingredients that have been thoroughly researched. Amount of research ratings above 60 is sufficient, above 80 is much better. A rating lower than 60 means the ingredients in a product have not been thoroughly researched and the manufacturer does not have a great reason to use the ingredients they used.

The amount of research rating (confidence rating) for Locked Down is 76.000.

Effective vs Ineffective Ingredients: The graph below illustrates the makeup of Locked Down's ingredients. Green represents effective ingredients, yellow represents moderately effective ingredients, red represents ineffective ingredients. The more green and yellow, the better.

This product contains 1 extremely effective ingredients, 2 moderately effective ingredients, and 0 ineffective ingredients.

What is Locked Down good at?

Locked Down is extremely effective at:

  • increase protein synthesis
  • improve swimming performance
  • improve cognitive ability
  • lower blood pressure
  • increase muscle mass

Locked Down is moderately effective at:

  • increase strength
  • improve cycling sprint performance
  • improve sports performance
  • improve muscular endurance
  • improve running performance
  • improve cardiovascular endurance
  • reduce muscle soreness
  • increase fat burning
  • improve sprint performance
  • reduce muscle damage
  • improve recovery
  • improve high-intensity interval training (HIIT) performance
  • improve rowing performance

Locked Down is ineffective at:

  • decrease body fat
  • decrease fatigue
  • improve memory
  • improve mood

Individual Ingredient Ratings

The table below lists the rated ingredients included in Locked Down along with their effectiveness ratings. Click the ingredient for more information on what it is and isn't capable of.

Ingredient Effectiveness Rating
Creatine Monohydrate 5g 2 out of 3
Hydromax 3g 3 out of 3
L-Taurine 1g 1.9 out of 3
Overall Effectiveness Rating for Locked Down 2.30 out of 3

Nutrition Label and Ingredient Transparency

Locked Down by Condemned Labz Product Label

Locked Down lists the amount of 100% of its ingredients. It contains 3 ingredients. Out of those, 3 are listed with amounts while 0 are listed without amounts. The chart below illustrates how many ingredients in Locked Down are listed with amounts. Green represents ingredients with amounts while red represents ingredients without amounts. The more green, the better.

Many supplement manufacturers hide the amount of a certain ingredient under the guise of a great sounding proprietary blend such as "Maximum Muscular Size Enhancer" or "Anabolic Cell Strength Matrix."

The amount of each individual ingredient included is hidden from the label making it impossible to know what's actually in the product you're using. Companies have the ability to mix costly and effective ingredients with cheap and ineffective ingredients making it difficult to tell which one is actually in a product.

Products with high percentages of ingredients without amounts are hiding the true nature of their effectiveness. Ideally, a product should list amounts of 100% of the ingredients they are using.

Locked Down vs the Compeitition

Locked Down ranks 4 out of 29 in the Intra-Workout Supplements category. The table below lists the top five supplements within the category. Click on a link below for an in-depth comparison between the two products.

Rank Product Name
1 Locked Down vs Cluster Bomb
2 Locked Down vs Intracell 7
3 Locked Down vs BCAA 5000
4 Locked Down
5 Locked Down vs Stars N Pipes

The Bottom Line

The Effectiveness Rating describes how well Locked Down works based on the individual supplements it contains. The Ingredient Rating describes how many of the ingredients are rated as effective or moderately effective. The Nutrition Label Transparency describes the percentage of ingredients listed with amounts on the nutrition label.

Effectiveness Rating
Ingredient Rating
Nutrition Label Transparency