Power Upp by Juiced Upp, a testosterone booster, shares at least 75% of its ingredient profile with X-Wolf by X Labs, a male enhancement supplement. A side-by-side ingredient comparison is provided below.

Complete Product Comparison: Power Upp vs X-Wolf

Ingredient Power Upp X-Wolf
Serving Size 2 capsules (0) 2 capsules (0)
horny goat weed 1g 1g
maca extract 250mg 250mg
tribulus terrestris 60mg not in product
polypodium vulgare 20mg 20mg
tongkat ali (eurycoma longifolia) 100mg 10mg
saw palmetto 100mg 100mg
muira puama extract 20mg 20mg
arginine 20mg 20mg
ginseng 20mg 20mg
mucuna pruriens not in product 30mg