Enigma V2 by Apollon Nutrition, a post-workout supplement, shares at least 75% of its ingredient profile with EAA Ultimate Recovery by Apex Sport, a post-workout supplement. A side-by-side ingredient comparison is provided below.

Complete Product Comparison: Enigma V2 vs EAA Ultimate Recovery

Ingredient Enigma V2 EAA Ultimate Recovery
Serving Size 1 scoop (28.85g) 1 scoop (18.8g)
calcium 95mg 183mg
phosphorus 79mg not in product
magnesium 28mg 200mg
sodium 50mg 180mg
potassium 160mg 144mg
branched chain amino acids 10g 10g
lysine 2g 1g
threonine 2g 1g
histidine 150mg 200mg
phenylalanine 150mg 200mg
methionine 150mg 100mg
tryptophan 100mg 50mg
glutamine 5g 2g
betaine 2g not in product
taurine 2g not in product
coconut water 1g 1g