BAMF by Bucked Up, a pre-workout supplement, shares at least 75% of its ingredient profile with Bucked Up Black by Bucked Up, a pre-workout supplement. A side-by-side ingredient comparison is provided below.

Complete Product Comparison: BAMF vs Bucked Up Black

Ingredient BAMF Bucked Up Black
Serving Size 1 scoop (12.05g) 1 scoop (10.15g)
vitamin b12 100mcg 100mcg
sodium 39mg 39mg
citrulline malate 6g 6g
beta alanine 3.2g 2g
caffeine 333mg 200mg
alpha glycerylphosphorylcholine 200mg 200mg
taurine 100mg 100mg
himalayan rock salt 100mg 100mg
antler velvet extract 50mg 50mg
hordenine 40mg not in product
astragin 25mg 25mg
actigin 25mg 25mg
huperzine a 50mcg not in product
fulvic mineral blend not in product 35mg