Amino 2250 by Universal Nutrition, a post-workout supplement, shares at least 75% of its ingredient profile with Amino 2700 by Universal Nutrition, a post-workout supplement. A side-by-side ingredient comparison is provided below.

Complete Product Comparison: Amino 2250 vs Amino 2700

Ingredient Amino 2250 Amino 2700
Serving Size 2 tablets 3 tablets
vitamin b6 10mg not in product
alanine 170mg 280mg
arginine 83mg 140mg
aspartic acid 373mg 610mg
cysteine 87mg 140mg
glutamic acid 593mg 700mg
glycine 64mg 100mg
histidine 69mg 110mg
branched chain amino acids 800mg 1.3g
lysine 317mg 520mg
methionine 74mg 120mg
phenylalanine 120mg 190mg
proline 193mg 310mg
serine 166mg 270mg
threonine 225mg 360mg
tryptophan 60mg 100mg
tyrosine 106mg 170mg
glutamine not in product 260mg