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How to Compare Supplements

When comparing supplements, you need to look at two measurements: the supplement's effectiveness rating and its confidence rating (how many studies its effectiveness rating is based on). If a supplement scores high but is only backed up by one or two studies, we can't be certain that the grade is valid.

The higher a supplement's confidence rating, the more certain we are about the validity of the supplement's effectiveness rating. Ideally, you want a high score (3 out of 3) that's also backed up by a high confidence rating.

Effectiveness Ratings

Supplements receive a grade based on conclusions of peer reviewed research articles. Those grades are then averaged to give you a broad picture on what the supplement is and isn't capable of doing.

This page allows you to compare the efficacy of supplements for a specific claim. To begin, click a claim below. On the next page, you'll be able to select the supplements to compare.

How to Use This Supplement Comparison Tool

First, select a claim below. On the next pages, you'll be able to select two supplements to compare. You'll then see how the evidence compares between them for the selected claim.

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