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How to Compare Supplement Ingredients

When comparing ingredients, you need to look at two measurements: the ingredient's effectiveness rating and its research rating (how many studies its effectiveness rating is based on). If a supplement scores high but is only backed up by one or two studies, we can't be certain that the effectiveness rating is valid.

The higher an ingredient's research rating, the more certain we are about the validity of its effectiveness rating. Ideally, you want a effectiveness rating (3 out of 3) that's also backed up by a high research rating.

Effectiveness Ratings

Supplement ingredients receive a grade based on conclusions of peer-reviewed journal articles. These ratings are then averaged to give you a broad picture on what the ingredient is and isn't capable of.

This tool allows you to compare the efficacy of ingredients for a specific claim. To begin, click a claim below. On the next page, you'll be able to select the ingredients to compare.

How to Use This Comparison Tool

First, select a claim below. On the next pages, you'll be able to select two supplements to compare. You'll then see how the evidence compares between them for the selected claim.

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