Effectiveness Rating for Whey Protein's Ability to Increase Strength

The effectiveness rating is a measure of how well whey protein is able to increase strength. The overall rating for this claim is 2.5 out of 3. The research shows the supplement's ability to deliver on this particular claim is warranted. Using Whey Protein to increase strength will most likely lead to positive results.

Confidence Rating for Whey Protein's Ability to Increase Strength

The confidence rating is a mesure of how valid the effectiveness rating is. This rating is based on how many studies are included in the database on this topic.

There are 11 studies in the database on whey protein; the confidence rating is 220. A score above 80 means the effectiveness rating for this supplement is reliable. A score under 80 means there is insufficient evidence to ensure a reliable effectiveness rating.

Whey Protein Dose to Increase Strength

Dosage Frequency Daily Total Effectiveness Rating of Dosage
40g once daily 40g
21g 4x per day 84g
27g 3x per day 81g
25.5g 4x per day 102g
24g twice daily 48g
48g once daily 48g
28g once daily 28g
46g once daily 46g
26g once daily 26g

These dosages are based on body weight. The default value is 150 pounds. Enter your weight and click update to get appropriate dosages for your own body weight.


Title of Study
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