Welcome to the Supplement Database

Supplement Database

Welcome to the Supplement Database

The Supplement Database: What is it?

The Supplement Database launched in early 2019 as a place to find easy to read, unbiased, and research-based supplement ratings and reviews. Since then, it’s grown to include ratings on both ingredients and products in multiple categories. At its core, the database uses information from peer-reviewed research articles to rate supplements in an easy to understand format. These ratings are based on scientific findings from hundreds of scientific articles.

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What does the database do?

The supplement world is a confusing place filled with more marketing hype than fact. It’s difficult to separate ineffective junk from worthwhile products. The database rates products and paints a clear picture of their effectiveness.

Researchers study ingredients (whey protein, creatine monohydrate, and branched chain amino acids) on a wide variety of claims (decreasing body fat, increasing strength, lowering blood pressure). They publish their findings in peer-reviewed scientific journal articles. These peer-reviewed articles form our basis of scientific facts on many topics. The database uses these findings to rate both ingredients and products.

Supplement Ingredients vs Supplement Products

Supplement ingredients form the foundation of the database. Researchers study the effects of ingredients on specific health, nutrition, and fitness claims. The Supplement Database rates a wide variety of ingredients including amino acids, carbohydrates, creatine, fibers, fatty acids, and proteins. Visit the supplement ingredient page for a full listing.

Supplement products are made up of multiple ingredients. The Supplement Database uses ratings of individual ingredients to rate the effectiveness of products. The database rates a variety of products including fat burners, intra-workouts, pre-workouts, and sleep aids. Visit the supplement product page for a full listing.

How does the database come up with its ratings?

Supplement ingredients are rated purely based on findings from peer-reviewed research articles. Their effectiveness rating is measured on a three-point scale, three being effective, one being ineffective. Ingredients have an overall effectiveness rating as well as individual ratings for each claim. For example, creatine monohydrate is great at increasing strength, and not so great at improving memory. Read more: How does the database rate supplement ingredients?

Supplement products are rated in seven areas: ingredient effectiveness, nutrition label transparency, ingredient makeup, claim makeup, research rating, ingredient dosing, and relative ranking. A product receives a thumbs up or down in each area with a total score to reflect its overall worthiness. Read more: How does the database rate supplement products?

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