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Are there any supplements that increase testosterone?

Young, healthy males on a balanced diet, will probably not see any meaningful benefits in using testosterone boosters containing zinc, tongkat ali, or fenugreek. Older males or males who have low testosterone levels may see some improvement when using these products.

soy protein

Final Verdict: Is soy protein worth taking?

In our series on soy protein, we covered topics including its effects on testosterone, health benefits, and body composition. Here we'll go over our findings and make a final recommendation on whether or not soy protein is worth taking.

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What are the health benefits of soy protein?

Soy protein is both praised and loathed for its supposed health benefits and risks. Some claim it protects against various cancers while others say it upends hormonal balance. Is soy a superfood or does it create more issues than it solves?

soy testosterone

Does soy decrease testosterone levels?

Fitness enthusiasts use protein supplements to increase performance gains. With interest in healthy lifestyles on the rise, many are searching for alternatives to animal products such as whey or casein proteins. Soy protein is an easy alternative as it's plant based and contains all of the essential amino acids. Resistance...