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Is glutamine effective in improving performance or enhancing recovery?

Glutamine Glutamine is one of the conditionally essential amino acids1. Under normal circumstances, the body makes enough. In certain instances, such as a critical illness, the body's requirement exceeds its production capability. In these times, the body needs an external (dietary/supplement) source, to meet its needs2. The Supplement Database: Glutamine The Supplement [...]

BCAAs and recovery

Do BCAAs speed up recovery?

BCAAs and Recovery A popular claim of BCAAs is improving post exercise recovery. Workouts cause damage to muscle tissue which the body repairs during rest. During rest, the body needs sufficient amounts of nutrients, including protein and essential amino acids to adequately recover. Because BCAAs are thought to increase protein synthesis, [...]

BCAAs and body fat

Do BCAAs lower body fat?

BCAAs and Body Composition One of the many claims associated with BCAA supplementation is an improvement in body composition. BCAAs are supposed to help lower body fat percentage while also increasing muscle mass. While there is limited research on BCAAs and body composition, we can take a look at the [...]

BCAAs and protein synthesis

Do BCAAs increase protein synthesis?

BCAAs and Protein Synthesis All muscle is made up of protein, and more specifically, amino acids. When you eat protein, it's broken down into amino acids, which are then sent to tissues all around the body. There, they are reassembled into new proteins: muscle tissue. The body is constantly breaking [...]

BCAAs and aerobic exercise

Do BCAAs help with aerobic exercise?

BCAAs and Aerobic Exercise In the previous post (BCAAs and Strength Training), we discussed whether BCAAs were effective in increasing strength. The same reasons BCAAs SHOULD increase strength are the same reasons they SHOULD increase aerobic performance. In this post, we'll go over research specifically looking into BCAAs and aerobic [...]


Introduction to BCAAs

BCAAs Branched chain amino acids (BCAAs) have become one of the most popular supplements in the fitness industry. Both as a standalone product and ingredient in protein supplements, pre-workouts, and recovery drinks, BCAAs are everywhere. At approximately $18 per pound, its high price SHOULD deliver great results, right? The Supplement Database: [...]