Supplement Ingredient Dosing

Supplement Dosings

Supplement Ingredient Dosing

Supplement Ingredient Dosing

A supplement ingredient’s effectiveness is based on what dosage is effective for a particular claim. Researchers test ingredients at specific doses. The database provides dosing information in order to estimate an ingredient’s effective dosing range.

Supplement Serving Sizes

Studies included in the Supplement Database conduct research on how well a supplement works for a certain claim. These studies use a specific dose when conducting their research. The database now lists those doses and how well the individual doses performed. To find these doses, navigate to a supplement’s individual claim page. In the following example, we’ll look at dosage recommendations for casein protein’s ability to increase strength.

Casein Dose


The first column lists the serving size of the supplement (grams) that subjects of the study consumed. Each row represents a different trial. Occasionally, one study will test different serving sizes of a supplement to test the effectiveness at different doses.

Body Weight

Serving sizes with a bodyweight scale icon were based on subjects’ body weight. The serving size displayed is based on a 150-pound person. To get a serving size appropriate for your own body weight, enter your weight in pounds in the text box and click update.


The second column lists the frequency that subjects took the supplement. Subjects took the serving listed in the serving size column as many times daily as listed in the frequency column. For the above example, in one study, subjects took 35 grams of casein protein once per day. In another study, subjects took 25.5 grams of casein four times per day (for a total of 102 grams of casein protein per day). The third column lists total daily supplement consumption.

Effectiveness Rating of Dosage

The last column shows the results of the study for that specific serving size.