Supplement Ingredient Claims

The Supplement Database uses peer-reviewed research to rate how well an individual supplement ingredient does in specific areas or claims. The database contains 68 claims in 11 categories.

This tool displays supplement ingredients capable of delivering on specific claims. To begin, select a claim from below. Claims are organized in broad [bolded] categories.

Body Composition (weight, muscle, body fat) Claims
decrease body fat
increase fat burning
increase muscle mass
increase weight loss
maintain muscle mass during weight loss
Cardiovascular Health Claims
improve heart rate variability
increase cardiac output
increase HDL (good) cholesterol levels
lower blood pressure
lower LDL (bad) cholesterol levels
lower total cholesterol levels
lower triglyceride levels
Digestive Health Claims
improve digestive health
Energy Balance (calories in & calories out) Claims
decrease calorie intake
increase energy expenditure
increase satiety
suppress appetite
General Health Claims
improve glucose control
improve insulin sensitivity
improve liver function
improve sleep quality
increase bone density
increase total sleep time
reduce acne count
reduce acne severity
Hormone Function Claims
decrease cortisol levels
decrease levels of somatostatin (growth hormone inhibiting hormone)
increase levels of growth hormone
increase levels of growth hormone releasing hormone
increase luteinizing hormone
increase testosterone
Immune Health Claims
improve immune function
prevent urinary tract infections
reduce duration of the common cold
reduce frequency of the common cold
reduce severity of the common cold
Mental Health Claims
decrease anxiety
decrease feelings of depression
decrease stress
improve cognitive ability
improve memory
improve mood
increase concentration
Performance Claims
decrease fatigue
improve agility
improve cardiovascular endurance
improve cycling performance
improve cycling sprint performance
improve flexibility
improve focus
improve high-intensity interval training (HIIT) performance
improve hydration
improve muscular endurance
improve rowing performance
improve running performance
improve sports performance
improve sprint performance
improve swimming performance
increase alertness
increase ATP levels
increase pump (muscle swelling)
increase strength
Protein Synthesis Claims
decrease protein breakdown
increase protein synthesis
Recovery Claims
improve recovery
reduce joint pain
reduce muscle damage
reduce muscle soreness