Getting Started

Before you jump into the ratings, visit the Getting Started Guide. This guide will help you understand what the Supplement Database is, how it rates supplements, where the information comes from, and the difference between effectiveness and confidence ratings.


All Supplements

This page lists all supplements currently included in the database. Supplements are listed alongside their overall effectiveness and confidence ratings.

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Best Supplements

The Best Suppelement Tool shows you which supplements are best to accomplish a specific goal. Find the supplements best suited for a wide variety of goals ranging from decreasing body fat to increasing strength.

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Compare Supplements

The Compare Supplements Tool allows you to compare two supplements for a specific goal. Wondering whether whey or casein protein is better for increasing muscle mass? Vitamin C vs Zinc for shortening the duration of the common cold? Look here for answers.

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Supplement Claims

This tool allows you to see which supplements make certain claims. Which supplements decrease body fat? Which supplements improve running performance? Which supplements increase sleep time? These questions are answered here.