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The Supplement Database launched in early 2019 as a place to find easy to read, unbiased, and research-based supplement ratings and reviews. Since then, it's grown to include ratings on both ingredients and products in multiple categories. At its core, the database uses information from peer-reviewed research articles to rate supplements in an easy to understand format.

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What is the Supplement Database?

The problem with today's supplement industry is that many, if not most, products marketed to the masses are not based on actual science. They're based on marketing hype and pushed by those who are too smart to use these substandard products.

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How does the database rate supplement ingredients?

How does the database rate supplement ingredients?

This database rates two overall areas in the supplement world: supplement ingredients and supplement products. Supplement ingredients are the foundations of every product. Ingredients include creatine monohydrate, whey protein, taurine, and garlic extract. Manufacturers mix ingredients to form a supplement product such as a pre-workout, post-workout, or sleep aid. This article discusses how the database rates individual supplement ingredients.